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Bookshelf for Projects
This web site gives access to rig equipment-, project- and correspondences documentation.
The web user can open, review, code, red-line markup, download, print, documentation
issued with a formal transmittal or letter to the customer.
Please contact your National Oilwell Varco's project manager or your location specific documentation
center in NOV for access to the Bookshelf site.

Bookshelf for Rigs in Operation
Bookshelf for rigs in operation is the secured portion of the National Oilwell Varco external website where
authorized users can access rig specific technical documentation.
Access to Bookshelf is gained by a registration, review, and authorization process.
Please contact National Oilwell Varco┬┤s Field Engineering department to get a quote for Bookshelf at the following e-mail address:
for more information.


This website contains proprietary and confidential information which belongs to National Oilwell Varco. It is loaned for limited purposes.
Reproduction, in whole or in part, or use of this design or distribution of this information to others is not permitted without the express written consent
of National Oilwell Varco. This website contains documents to be returned to National Oilwell Varco upon request
and in any event upon completion of the use for which it was loaned.

Customer agrees not to disclose the confidential Information to any persons other than the employees of
Customer who need to know such information (provided that such employees are advised of the confidential
nature of such information and agree to keep such information confidential).

Please accept the confidentiality statement and login to Bookshelf.

Copyright 2011, National Oilwell Varco.

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